The team of «Blockchain Systems» LLC works in the direction of machine learning, analytics and processing of large data sets.  We are young, ambitious, promising in all respects, dynamically developing IT startup registered in the Russian Federation.

The founders of «Blockchain Systems» LLC teamed up in 2016, incorporated their resources and ideas by launching a startup that took shape and content in a year.
The founders of «Blockchain Systems» LLC have come a long way, developing as project and company managers, proving not in words but in deeds that nothing is impossible! By developing solutions and integrating tomorrow’s advanced technologies in our companies, we have reached a new level - to make offers to a wide range of customers.

Having conducted a large analytical market research company, taking into account such factors as reduced taxation in the Asia-Pacific region, relatively cheap electricity, proximity to the borders of potential customers and investors from China, South Korea, Japan and other important factors, we, Board of Directors «Blockchain Systems» LLC concluded that it was necessary to build a new generation of robotic data centers.   We have created analytical tools, the basis of which is a unique development of «Blockchain Systems» LLC - a neural network VNet with a security level of the 3rd generation blockchain network, based on the EXONUM framework.

В нашей команде трудятся на стоящие профессионалы в своих областях, строители, прOur team employs real professionals in their fields! Builders, designers, lawyers, IT engineers. Previous experience of successfully completed work, acquired theoretical and practical skills, overcoming various difficulties, as well as the presence of positive feedback from satisfied customers inspire and motivate us to successfully implement our goals and objectives.

The entire cloud infrastructure of «Blockchain Systems» LLC is a gateway for sending and receiving data. We do not store Your information on our servers!

In practice, you top up your personal account balance, download the desktop app (which is undergoing final beta testing) , or use the web interface to upload and download your files as you wish, or share them with other users. All this in just a few clicks!

Allow users to access your content anywhere in the world without using a VPN, even if they are censored or blocked.

We guarantee that your content is available even in a hostile environment, being replicated in various networks and geographies.
Bank Details

Sakhalin Region
Taxpayer Identification Number (INN) 6504021032
Primary State Registration Number (OGRN) 1186501002467
Acc. at AO Dolinsk Bank 40702810502003655600
KB «Dolinsk» (АО)

Phone: +7 914 095 44 33
WhatsApp: +7 926 116 47 77
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