"Blockchain Systems" will provide free space in the cloud storage during the passage of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic

"Blockchain Systems" has a deep respect for people who with their own strength, experience, desire and attitude help in the fight against COVID-19 coronavirus, treat infected people, provide volunteer assistance to the older generation and do not remain indifferent at this difficult time for the whole world.

Our company also understands the introduction of self-isolation of the population and supports this initiative. Only if certain standards are met will we all be able to defeat the COVID-19 epidemic in the shortest possible time.

As a sign of gratitude to rescuers, doctors and volunteers, as well as those who are under quarantine and do not violate its regime, "Blockchain Systems" provides free space in cloud storage for the period of fighting the coronavirus epidemic. You can upload movies, music, photos, share them, or just chat about a moment from your favorite TV series.

To use the service, you need to follow the link and register..

Spend your free time in "our clouds".

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Sakhalin Region
Taxpayer Identification Number (INN) 6504021032
Primary State Registration Number (OGRN) 1186501002467
Acc. at AO Dolinsk Bank 40702810502003655600
KB «Dolinsk» (АО)


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