Blockchain Systems" became remote residents of the
"Yakutsk" IT Park


Based on the results of a performance in the Startup Expedition in November 2019, our team received an invitation not only to take part in the final selection in the B8 Accelerator, but also to become a remote resident of the "Yakutia" Technopark. And after going through all the organizational moments, "Blockchain Systems" received the status of the remote resident of IT Park (in the structure of the "Yakutia" Technopark).

Currently, the "Yakutia" Technopark ( is the largest technology park in the Far East. Since its creation in 2012, the "Yakutia" Technopark has developed a full-fledged infrastructure that promotes the development of innovative entrepreneurship from an idea to a commercial result. Residents are provided with production, office and storage facilities, common areas and recreational facilities with a total area of 20,800 square meters in the city of Yakutsk and the city of Neryungri.

It is a great honor for us to be residents of the "Yakutia" Technopark. We will make every effort depending on us so that our relationships become fruitful, enjoyable and mutually beneficial for both parties
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