Blockchain Systems" and "Institute of education development of the Sakhalin region" became partners in the implementation of joint projects and additional educational programs

"Blockchain Systems" and GBOU DPO "Institute of education development of the Sakhalin region" signed an agreement on partnership and cooperation.

When implementing cooperation, the parties will build their relations on the basis of mutually beneficial partnership, providing advice, information, educational and other assistance and support in the implementation of joint projects and the implementation of additional General education programs.

At the Children's Technopark "Quantorium", our company will participate in the development of methodological materials on blockchain technologies, hold lectures on key topics before quantorians, assist in the implementation of "toolkit" for mentors and in the development of certification projects by "young specialists" on the following topics: IoT platform on the blockchain; file storage on the blockchain; the idea of a startup for output to the ICO.

«Institute for the development of education in the Sakhalin region» - is an educational institution in the Sakhalin region. The Institute implements the following types of additional professional education: advanced training and professional retraining.

We hope that our cooperation will be fruitful and our goals will be achieved.
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