Blockchain Systems LLC took part in the Open Innovations Startup Tour 2020 and received an invitation to the Startup SUV final

27.01.2020  The regional stage of the startup tour, which took place on January 23 and 24, was attended by residents of seven far Eastern regions. Out of 96 applications, the expert Council selected 30 startups in the field of medicine, industry and energy for the semi-final.

In this competition, "Blockchain Systems" LLC presented its project "greenDATA", which is a new generation of cloud storage (using end-to-end encryption) with ready-made infrastructure for small and medium-sized businesses (VIRo: Office), an industry-specific solution for utility organizations (VIRo:housing and utilities) and a revolutionary module for renting (renting or taking) disk space by any Internet user (VIRo:Cloud). The entire "greenDATA" project is based on the blockchain network and artificial intelligence.

According to the results of the competitive selection, the "green DATA" project was included in the top 10 projects in the track "Information technologies" and received a ticket to the final of the Startup SUV competition.

In addition to the invitation, the "Blockchain System" team gained additional experience needed to participate in such events, as well as new acquaintances that will expand the geography of communication and, possibly, create new joint projects.

See you at Startup SUV.

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